Small Groups

Go into all the world and make disciples...

Matthew 28:19

One of our sayings at sonrise is "find a Paul and find a Timothy." Paul was a mature Christian in the Bible who shared the Gospel with a guy named Timothy. Paul became to Timothy a Christian mentor. He explained the Christian faith to Timothy and showed him how a Christian is to live.

One of our goals at Sonrise is that every member have a "Paul/Timothy relationship. What that simply means is that each Christian needs someone helping them grow to be more like Jesus (a "Paul"), and someone they are helping grow to be more like Jesus (A "Timothy"). One of the main ways this happens is through our small groups. These groups can consist of as little as  2-3 individuals meeting regularly to discuss the Bible and their christian life, or a group of up to 12-15 gathered to study a specific topic or book of the Bible. If you are interested in connecting with a small group let us know by filling out the form below.