Spiritual Gift Assessment

As  part of the Next Steps at Sonrise when you decide to become a member of the Sonrise family, our goal is to get you plugged in to serve and use your giftedness and abilities for God's kingdom work.  Some of you may know exactly what abilities God has given you to serve Him and what areas of ministry that you'd like to serve.  Others may never have thought about it or just are unsure where they may fit in the best.  If this is you, we have provided a spiritual gift assessment which may reveal one of your top spiritual gifts and will provide areas of ministry at Sonrise where those gifts may be utilized.  Please note:  spiritual gift assessments function more like a personality assessment more than an absolute truth or an exact science.  You may have giftedness or interests or callings from God that are outside of whatever result this test may give.  Many people have multiple spiritual gifts.  Another thing to consider is high need serving areas of Church that many people avoid.  Always pray that God will guide you to respond to serving needs within the Church that are most needed and will have a high impact on the Kingdom.  We hope this assessment will at the very least guide you in the right direction.