Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

The family/children ministry of SonRise exists to assist parents in equipping their children to pursue maturity by making disciples. We want to get rid of the mentality that the church is the primary place that children will be discipled. The place for true spiritual guidance is the home (seven days a week). When we meet together as the church we are simply instructing, encouraging, and empowering parents and children to continue spiritual growth in their everyday lives.

Therefore, we will do everything with excellence. We will prepare our hearts and minds for teaching God’s word to parents and children. We will provide spiritual guidance when needed to parents and children who are struggling. We will demonstrate the love of Christ through teaching, setting an example, and serving families.


A fun and safe room for babies, the nursery exists to provide a nurturing environment in which biblical teaching, Christian compassion, and servanthood are demonstrated and taught so that a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ can begin. Even in the earliest stages of their little lives we are being intentional to teach them that God loves them.

First - Second Grade 

Our 6 to 8 year olds are in the early stages of reading and discovering on their own. We want to create an environment for them that will make them so excited to come to church every week. We want them to connect with their peers and teachers as well as learn to love God, grow in faith, and serve others.


Toddlers are energetic and are in transition from baby to preschool. The Toddler room exists to create a fun and safe environment for them to flourish and learn biblical truths in age specific ways. Your toddlers will have the opportunity to watch the bible story each week, sing songs about God’s love, and participate in purposeful play that will go along with the bible teaching.


This age group is one of the most impressionable of all the childhood years. Preschoolers are like sponges absorbing everything they hear and see. This is the perfect time to teach those foundational biblical truths and to help facilitate a
lifelong relationship with Jesus.

Third-Fifth Grade 

Our 8 to 12 year old class are preparing to move up to our teen ministry. They will be taught biblical truths in creative and memorable ways. We want to keep nurturing these early foundations of their faith.

What to expect when you arrive 

If you are a first time visitor of SonRise, Welcome! We are so excited that your family chose to visit our church and we hope you will feel at home.

Check In 

When you first arrive you will want to take your child(ren) to our check in desk area.  You can follow the directory signs or ask a greeter to show you to the check in desk area.  Here you will register your child(ren) for the first time. Every week you will check them in at this desk to receive a sticker with their personalized security number. If your child needs you during the service, the Passport logo and number will appear on the screen during the church service.

Drop Off 

Our classrooms open at 10:30 am. After check in, you can drop your children off at their age specific class and simply present the security tag at the end of service to pick them up.

Meet the Teacher 

Our greeting team will take you back to quickly tour the classrooms/facility and
introduce you to your child’s teacher.

Pick Up

After service you will take the sticker you received at check in and show it to the teacher in order to pick up your child. This measure is to ensure that each chid goes home with the person who brought them.

Security at Sonrise 

At Sonrise the protection of our kids is the highest priority. Each classroom is equipped with its own security camera, as well as cameras throughout the building. In addition we have a trained volunteer staff on campus to secure and protect those in the building throughout the service. This ensures that both our volunteers and our children are protected in case of an emergency.

Our Curriculum

The Gospel Project offers Christ-centered, chronological Bible studies and additional resources that center your church on the gospel.

"We believe that God’s gospel project began “In the beginning” and continues today in the hearts and lives of His people. It is our greatest hope and the means by which we are free to love, serve, and follow Jesus Christ. The Gospel Project points people of all ages to the good news of the gospel and equip them to live gospel-filled lives individually, in community, and on mission (" 

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