Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

A very important responsibility of every local church is her ongoing support of Gospel work throughout the world. This is why we at Sonrise partner with a variety of regional, national, and oversea mission organizations, for the purpose of reaching others for Christ that are beyond our physical reach. Below is a summary of the missions we support, and how you can partner with us as well. 

Regional, National, and Global missions we support

The Shack 

The Shack is a campus ministry at the University of South Carolina.  It is led by Kevin Huston and Mike Haynes.  To find out more about The Shack, visit them online here: www.shackcommunity.com

Camp Edisto 

Camp Edisto is a life changing camp where students will be challenged in their walk with Christ.   Camp Edisto is located in Branchville, SC and currently has 4 weeks of camp for students ranging from 6 years old to High School.  You can check them out online: www.campedisto.com

Johnson University

Johnson University educates students for Christian ministries and other strategic vocations framed by the Great Commission in order to extend the kingdom of God among all nations. Johnson’s vision is to bring glory to God and hope to the world by preparing students for excellence in Christian ministry through an affordable, community-oriented, Christ-centered education. To learn more check out their website: www.johnsonu.edu

Changed Lives Ministry 

Changed Lives Ministry is a program that provides a structured Christian lifestyle and a safe environment for troubled individuals to overcome whatever problems they may be facing. This is a 10-week program based on the belief that faith in God, strong work ethics, and the basic practice of self-discipline will enable any individual to attain victory over their problems. We firmly believe that God leads these men to this facility, both to plant the seed of Christian truth and cultivate moral responsibility. Our intention is not to have a prison-like atmosphere, but to grow in love through a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Check out more information on our website: https://www.changedlivesministry.org

SCEA (South Carolina Evangelistic Association)

The SCEA is an organization dedicated to planting Christian Churches throughout the state of SC.  They have recently planted Lake Marion CC in Manning, SC and Christ Church 4 Given in Greenwood, SC.   A video about the SCEA can be found on Youtube at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxaMKclmn5E


Agape exists to meet various needs and circumstances that arise in the lives of the members of SRCC as well as those in the surrounding community. Money collected lends a helping hand for those in difficult seasons of life.

Lowcountry Pregnancy Center 

The Lowcountry pregnancy center offers counseling and assistance for women who are considering abortion. They assist potential mothers and new moms with resources and tools to help them parent well. This ministry saves the lives of thousands of children each year. Learn more about this organization here: https://lowcountrypregnancycenter.com

Haitian Christian Missions 

HCP is ran by Jeff and Rita Reidel. They serve about 1000 people in projects such as, Bible Studies, child sponsorships, building orphanages and creating church services or people to come and worship in Haiti.  You can find more at their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/HaitianChristianProjects

Togo Christian Mission

Togo Christian Mission in Togo Africa seeks to extend the kingdom of God through the development of healthy individuals, quality education, aid for at-risk children, and community development. Learn more here: http://togochristianmission.org/

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